Our team will have prepared and cleaned the property as per the COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Staff will keep a 2mtr social distance at the arrival & departure of our guests.
  • There will be two day gaps between bookings in which time there will be a rigorous cleaning process in preparation of our next guests.
  • Our gowns & towels will be laundered to the Covid-19 guidelines, so to provide them safely to each guest upon arrival.
    Bath slippers are disposable.
  • We disinfect the utilities of the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms & toilets using an antibacterial solution.
  • Our staff wash their hands each time prior entering the property, during and upon leaving, using the hand washing technique as set out by the WHO.
  • Staff will report each morning on their health status before attending work.
  • Refreshments are limited to bottled purified water upon arrival.
  • Magazines will not be available, you are welcome to use your personal device to read.
  • It is vitally important you arrive and depart at the time given and if any delays please notify in advance at the earliest opportunity.
  • Upon arrival, take notice of all social distancing instructions, waiting outside the property and kindly wait to be invited in and be shown around, whilst wearing a provided face mask.
  • No snorkelling equipment will be available and massages will not be possible at the facility of the property.
  • Wash your hands with sanitiser provided in reception.
  • Face masks are provided for guests should any staff be required for extra or unexpected services.
  • Please clean the toilets, bathroom & kitchen utilities regularly during your stay and before departure. If the latter has not been done satisfactory a cleaning charge will be deducted from your deposit.
  • Notify us immediately if you have any symptoms during your stay.

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Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we have made necessary changes to maintain and meet the hygiene standards required at the property.

Our prices & services have also been temporarily amended.